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Happy Habit Challenge

Take on the happy habit challenge and support Smile

We all have bad habits we’d rather be rid of. Why not turn them into happy habits?

And with an added bit of fundraising, you’ll have that extra incentive to make your new habit stick!

How to get started:

1. Choose your happy habit – if you’re stuck for ideas, take a look below for suggestions...

2. Create your fundraising page on just giving or contact us for a paper sponsor form.

3. Tell your friends and ask them to keep you motivated by donating!


Happy Habit suggestions for transforming the mind, body and soul:

THE MIND CHALLENGE: Become a bookworm

Bad habit: Ditch the hours of TV time.

Happy habit: Start reading again. And to keep you going, set up a book club.

Best way to give: Charge a small donation fee for each book.

Your mantra: Feed your brain

THE BODY CHALLENGE: Cook up a storm

Bad habit: Those ready-made meals may taste great but boy are they unhealthy.

Happy habit: Get into the healthy-eating habit with a month of home cooking.

Best way to give: Cook for a lucky few friends and ask them to donate in return.

Your mantra: You are what you eat

THE SOUL CHALLENGE: Do something different

Bad habit: There's nothing worse for your soul than getting stuck in a rut.

Happy habit: Step outside your comfort zone - try something new every day for a month.

Best way to give: Get your friends to dare you and make a donation for the privilege.

Your mantra: Do one thing a day that scares you

We'd love to hear about your happy habits challenge! Get in touch.