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Other ways to donate

Do you own a vehicle that you want to dispose of? Then you can make a real difference to Smile!

Giveacar is a UK based fundraising organisation that organises car donation for good causes in the UK, including Smile. Giveacar provides a FREE service which is available throughout the UK:

They can arrange the collection of the vehicle at no cost to you. Depending on its age and condition, they can recycle it at a green facility, or send it to a salvage auction. Scrap donations can raise an average of £100, with auction cars often raising much more. Since Giveacar was set up in 2010, the organisation has raised over £700,000 for over 800 charities!

To arrange donation of a car to Smile, visit www.giveacar.co.uk/charities/smile-support-care or call 020 0011 1664, quoting Smile Support & Care as your preferred charity.


Online shopping

Easyfundraising is a new and easy way to support Smile whilst shopping online. The site has so far raised over £3million for good causes throughout the UK, and is free to use for both the shopper and the charity.

Easyfundraising works in a similar way to many other loyalty shopping sites, but instead of earning points when you shop, donations are raised for Smile instead. It’s as simple as that!

The site works with over 3,000 well known retailers, including John Lewis, Amazon, Argos and Boden, with each store donating up to 15% of the purchase to the shopper's chosen charity.

Smile’s community fundraiser, Jess Zubaidi, says: “In the current financial climate we know that every penny counts so by using this site to shop as normal, our supporters can turn their gift purchases into donations for Smile. It couldn’t be easier, and your good deed to us is totally free to you!”

There is also no cost to Smile as the service provided by easyfundraising is totally free.

Please visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/smilesupport, fill out a short registration form and you can then find the retailers you want and start shopping. Once you make a purchase the site collects the donation from the retailer and passes it directly to Smile.

Download the handy 'Find & Remind' tool which automatically provides a drop-down reminder every time you visit one of the partner sites, helping to ensure you never forget to claim a donation! Find & Remind tells you which retailers work with easyfundraising so you don't need to remember them all, and shows you all the latest voucher codes and offers at a glance.


Become a regular supporter

We welcome regular support, with monthly or quarterly donations allowing us to plan ahead knowing what funding is in place. By setting up a standing order with your bank or via justgiving, you can make a regular gift to Smile Support & Care for however long you wish.

For more information please contact us.


Give a gift of shares

If you donate shares to Smile, you can receive income tax relief on the donation. This can be claimed on your self-assessment form or by contacting your local tax office. You will not have to pay any capital gains tax on shares you donate to us. This exemption may be important if you have already reached or are likely to reach the annual limit of capital gains. Please contact us for more information.