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Ollie was born three months prematurely in March 2010, weighing just 1,127 grams (2lb 8oz).

In the first few weeks of his life, Ollie underwent various surgical procedures including heart and eye surgery and a tracheostomy. Ollie also had a bleed on the brain and at 18 months old was diagnosed with moderate cerebral palsy.

"Smile carers have supported Ollie and our family from the moment he came home from hospital when he was five months old. They helped me care for Ollie and his disabilities, provided respite we so very much needed at times and they understand the journey we are going through. The carers are fantastic and we have also made some friends along the way.

We have an exciting August ahead of us where Ollie will undergo another operation to have his tracheostomy removed. Ollie will be going for another laryngotracheal reconstruction (a rib cartilage graft on his trachea to make it bigger) and the trachy will be removed at the same time. The whole process will take 10-14 days. We can't believe this is finally going to happen!

Ollie is one of the happiest children you will ever meet. He gets on with life like there is nothing wrong, and has developed interesting ways to communicate with others. He smiles all the time and simply loves interaction. He is a real trooper, and an inspiration."